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About Us

Gemini Inn is situated in Bhowali Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand, called’’ abode of the
gods’’(Devbhume),is home to some of the holiest Hindu shrines and for more than a thousand
years, pilgrims have been visiting the region in the hope of salvation and purification. Gangotri
and Yamunotri the sources of the Ganga and Yamuna fall in the upper reaches of the state.
These together with Badrinath(dedicated to Vishnu) and Kedarnath(dedicated to Shiva)
form the Chardham of Uttarakhand,one of Hinduisms most spiritually auspicious pilgrimage
circuits. Rishikesh near Haridwar is known as the pre-eminent Yoga centre of India while
Hemkund Saheb is of special significance of Sikhs. In addition, the state has an abundance of
temples and shrines, many dedicated to local deities or manifestations of Shiva and Durga,
references to many of which can be found in Hindu scriptures and legends. The architecture of
most of these temples is typical of the region and slightly different from other parts of India. The
ancient temples at Jageshwar are prominent for their distinct architectural features.

Gemini Inn a Family Cottages which gives you an authentic feel of the country of the
Gods. We take you on a journey into the glorious past of Hindustan with its Temples, Maharajas
and Bada Sahibs.

The spacious accommodation includes 2 King-size Bed rooms with Living room, Living room
attached with Kitchen, Servant Room, Accommodation for driver, Specious Parking.


The Cottages

The past does live on, in people as well as cities. Checking into our rooms will be a journey down
memory lane where every room is decorated with authentic feeling . our rooms are equipped
with standard features like cable television and modular kitchen. The rooms are furnished
with laminated tiles , teak furniture, Every room is equipped with a fireplace and has spacious
bathrooms with quality fittings. All rooms have beds to ensure that our guests derive maximum comfort in their sleep. We provide separate accommodation for driver with Specious
Parking. Stepping out side the Bedroom will lead you to an open terrace that offers serenity of
the hills and a private corner, ideal for booklovers or just to spend some quality time with your
loved ones.

Gemini Caterer Pvt Ltd (Improving Quality of Life)

Gemini Caterer is a Company with a combination of Innovative and flexible approach. Gemini Caterer leads the way in delivering value added sevices across segments through Catering and Hospitality management services. We strive to improve the quality of your daily life.

Our Ambitions

Gemini is the combinations of clients,guests,consumers,employees and the purpose is to exeed their expectations. To reach our goals, we have chosen to focus on achieving organic growth in revenues and earnings. Our mission is twofold improve the quality of daily life and contribute the economic,social and envoirmental development of the cites. Our core values to balance between ambition and humility. Our will, but also the firm belief that one can always improve on the present situation.